Viking Two


FAQ and downloads


Do you need a phone to use the Viking Two test instrument?

NO. The Viking two can work on its own by using the display and buttons on top pf the product. When using a smarphone IOS or Android you get more information and can utilize the Smart Reporting features.

Do the Viking Two support CCS type charging stations?

NO. The Vikign Two is designed to work with all standard Type 2

DSIEC2b-EV16P standards charging station. even if the plug fits into the CCS connector, the testing instrument will NOT work.

What kind of test can i perform using the Viking Two?

With Viking Two you can simulate Charging state of charging station, read out and confirm how much Amp that are available for charging. Duty cycles, Connect states and status on L1, L2 and L3.

You can also simulate cable fail and Pilot fail signals, and set the cable coding.





From time to time we will release new firmware with fixes and new features. To update the product firmware you only need to connect the Viking Two to a computer with the USB Data/Charging cable and download the Sparc Updater software.

This software will guide you through and update your Viking Two to the latest release with ease.

There is no need for special skills or knowledge to update the product firmware.

  1. The software will automatically indentify the product
  2. It will check our cloud services for latest firmware release, T
  3.  Then instruct you in easy to follow steps what to do during the prosess.

Version for Mac OS is coming soon

Download the User guide